Social Media: Totally Obsessed or So Over It?


-Are you obsessed with the number of friends, followers, likes, shares or mentions you get on a daily basis?

-Do you regularly take dozens of photos of your view, your outfit, your meal, your pet or yourself just to capture that one perfect pic to post?

-Do you roll your eyes at the mere mention of the words hashtag, post or influencer?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Pinterest…where does it end?  How do you keep track or, more importantly, how do you keep up? 

Social Media:  Are We Totally Obsessed or So Over It? 


Amanda (30-Something Millennial)

I’m so over it…but I can’t quit it. 

Don’t be jealous but I was one of the first on Facebook. Yes, I was in college and had the coveted .edu email address that was necessary to originally sign up. What started as a beefed up White Pages for who was in my Business Management class has evolved into a highlight reel for all generations. I want to quit but I just can’t stop. I enjoy deciphering the fake news from the legit. 

Over the years I’ve gravitated more towards Instagram simply because I seem to be able to stomach baby pics and vacation pics more easily when there’s one image and a limited caption. But also the stories are entertaining and I’m easily #influenced by whatever bloggers/influencers are pushing. 

Insta is my social media drug of choice. Pinterest overwhelms me and reminds me that I’m not creative and not planning a wedding. I skim LinkedIn but there’s something about business social media that just isn’t as fun. Am I VSCO girl? Oh I’m definitely not. (Don’t know what that is? It’s a deeper cut of social media that I don’t even understand enough to explain!) I’m just an elder millennial that’s over it BUT trying to keep up with it. 


Lindsay (Fabulous Forties)

So Over It?  Never actually into it!

I am the anti-social media subscriber. When everyone was jumping on Facebook with the excitement of solving world hunger, competing over who could have the most friends and sharing the most inane things about their lives, my first thought was “let’s see how this plays out”.   I am the person who will tell you almost anything about myself, if you ask and I like you. However, when it comes to the masses, I’m rather private.  What I quickly found out was Facebook causes problems. REAL problems.

-People reconnecting with past loves and rekindling their romance over social media. Families breaking up, because what they had with some past love 20 years ago seems so much more promising now.  Really?  It didn’t work out before “real” life kicked in, and you think now when you have kids, bills, and houses to sell this person is your long lost soul mate?  LOL. 

-People sharing pics of their parties and those that were not invited now KNOW they were not invited and they are mad.

 -People sharing stories about their kids and some people not “liking” what they shared, so now it’s seen as an affront against you and your children.

 -Families no longer speaking because of political views being shared they would NEVER share over Thanksgiving dinner or the “once every 10 year wedding” when they are together. 

Aside from me staying far away from ruffling people’s feathers, I absolutely do not care where you are eating dinner, and I care even less about seeing a picture of your food.  I learned that many who share on social media are social media frauds. They post all the great in their lives but not their real life, so what’s the point?  If this is a platform to connect and share, then why not truly connect and share?

Instagram is the only place I participate, and by participate I mean stalk others without them knowing, because I am incognito.   I follow very few on Insta and when I connect with someone or something that clogs up my Insta with inane nonsense, Unfollow it is!

I will stick to my world of being unknowing as to what is happening with someone I went to grade school with because I truly do not care.  If I care, I will talk to those people and really share.


Karen (F’ing Fifties)

I am totally obsessed with social media.  Yes, I admit it.  In a world where we are all too busy, too tired, too frazzled (insert your own adjective here) to literally be social, social media allows me to stay connected to the outside world.  And, by outside world, I mean celebrities, cute animals and reality TV spoilers.  

I turn to social media mostly for entertainment purposes, while I truly enjoy staying connected with family and friends (that goes without saying, right?), it is the hilarious memes, witty banter and funny pics that I tend to seek out.   I am also partial to cute animals doing almost anything.  There is too much negativity and sadness on the news and in real life (or “IRL” as the kids say) and I use social media as an escape. 

I definitely agree with Lindsay, I do not need to see your breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack, unless, of course, it is something unusual or a major fail (those are my favorite).  I do not need a minute-by-minute account of your day and will definitely scroll right thru your political post or passive/aggressive plea for attention. 

I’m sure I post things that others may not find interesting, humorous or relevant, but guess what?  They, too, can scroll right past as well.  The key word here is “scroll.”   It amazes me how many people are unable to do so, however, full disclosure, I do get highly amused by the majority of those Facebook rants or Twitter feuds.  Next Door App anyone?   Don’t these people have anything better to do?  I’m sure they do.  So do I, but, I’m probably not doing it because I’m too busy scrolling thru my favorite podcast’s secret Facebook group, doing a deep dive on a former Bachelor contestant’s current Twitter feud or watching cats roller skate.   You know, social stuff.


Brooke (60-Something Baby Boomer)

Social media is a vast umbrella covering any number of uses and applicable to any and all demographic groups.  For purposes of brevity though, I’ll have to home in on Facebook as the thing I am, if not totally over, atleast close to it.

According to Facebook, I’ve been availing myself of this time suck since July 9, 2009.  Back then, in the halcyon days of Jersey Shore, Desperate Housewives and Sully’s Hudson River landing, Facebook seemed a cute, almost quaint diversion, allowing us to share pics and recipes, stalk former high school crushes or totally destroy relationships by inadvisably reconnecting with same.  Previously the province of the younger set, millions of soccer moms reached for their flip phones and stormed the gates of Facebook, much to the chagrin and indignation of millennials everywhere.

Fast forward ten years and, as a public service, I wish to share some observations on a decade in the trenches of the social media swamp that is Facebook:

-Apparently, school teachers are the most maligned, misunderstood and monetarily deprived group in existence since the lepers of Molokai.

-Cats.  Cats typing, driving, walking upright and wearing neckties will always be entertaining.  Also Otter Mamas.

-No one, I mean no one, wants to see pictures of your Frankenstein-like knee replacement scar or your janky feet, pre-bunion surgery

-The archeological excavation of items from decades past is the Facebook equivalent of stepping into the Lost City of Pompeii where we dust off rotary dial phones, skate keys, mercurochrome and glass door knobs with the superfluous “Who remembers this?”  Me. I do. Now stop.

-The “suggested for you” posts on your timeline are eerily clairvoyant.  “10 Fascinating Facts About Doris Day?”  Get out of my head, Facebook!!

-Evidently, if you insert a picture of Sam Elliott in your otherwise insipid and clichéd meme, it will be copied and reposted by millions of superannuated Facebookers.

So, there it is.  Facebook, for me, has reached the tipping point where annoyance topples amusement and I need to move on.  Fortunately, I’ve found myself a brand new time suck and predict an avalanche of aging adherents will follow me.  So, gird your loins youngsters – we’re coming for your Instagram!


Are you addicted to Social Media?

Do you use social media to stay in tune with current events?

Are you one of those rare individuals who refuse to participate in social media?

If so, we’d love to hear from you!

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  2. This seems to have gone unrecognized: Spending what must have been hours over the past year, thinking about, planning, writing, (and at times avoiding writing), editing and reading each other’s contributions to, a (semi) regular blog, intentionally shared with a number of subscribers, is in and of itself a form of social media obsession. C’mon, Man! er….ladies!

    1. Touché! Perhaps if this were a true obsession we would post more than a (semi) regular blog. #goals

  3. I am obsessed (but not proud of it). I check my social media accounts immediately upon getting up and right before going to bed at night (and 1000 times in between). It amazes me what some people share and some of the comments that people make when their hiding behind their computers or phones. Would they ever say these things in person? I do get major FOMO if I see an event that I was not invited to, even though I know I would most likely not go if actually invited – this is what social media has done to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    1. Agreed, it is so addicting, isn t it?

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