Halloween: YAY or NAY?


  • Did you plan this year’s Halloween costume based solely on how well it would coordinate with your holiday-themed Zoom background?
  • Have you spent the last few weeks watching YouTube videos just so you could craft the perfect social-distancing, no-touch candy delivery system for your trick-or-treaters?
  • Are you actually relieved that you can simply avoid all Halloween festivities this year without having to turn off the lights and sit in the dark until the coast is clear?

2020 continues to play cruel tricks on us so why should Halloween be any different? How many years did we wish for Halloween to fall on a Saturday? With a full moon? Might as well throw in daylight savings time, who wouldn’t want an extra hour to sleep off that candy coma? 2020 is presenting us with a Halloween trifecta! So, are we going to take full advantage? Halloween: YAY or NAY?

Karen (F’ing Fifties)

YAY! Even though I don’t particularly want to spend any amount of time agonizing over, creating and especially executing a timely relevant and clever costume, I do enjoy seeing what everybody else comes up with (all from the comfort of my own home, of course).

If I ever manage to have enough Halloween candy left by the time Halloween actually rolls around, I do like the convenience of pawning it off on the neighborhood children. All that is usually left is the crap that they throw into those 10,000 piece mixed-because-nobody-would-buy-it-on-its-own-anyway bags of candy (I’m talking to you, circus peanuts)! So it’s a win-win.

But, Just like that ginormous bag of mini candy bars already sitting opened in my pantry, I have mixed feelings about Halloween this year. I’m not too excited about opening up my door to all of the evil little germ spreaders but I have no problem with those that will. So, at the risk of sounding like a quintessential Gen-Xer: You do You. Meanwhile, I’ll be in the basement with the lights off. Probably simultaneously cursing at, but ultimately eating, those damn circus peanuts!

Lindsay (Fabulous 40’s)

My Halloween excitement ebbs and flows. I was not excited to get dressed up as a kid, and I still roll my eyes if invited to a costume party. Why do I have to think even harder about what to wear when I go to a party? Don’t I obsess about that enough already? Is it sexy and now I look like I’m trying too hard and an over aged prostitute? Is it too demure, and I’m boring others as well as myself? And my biggest fear…is showing up dressed as something or someone I have to explain all night cause no one “gets it”…..now that is Halloween horror!

I do love to see the kids all dressed up in their cute costumes. At least I did when I knew what/who they were. Now I have no idea what 50% of the costumes are. I must look 100 years old in their tiny wide eyes when they proudly announce who they are dressed up to be, and I’m nodding and smiling with a blank look on my face.

All in all….I think anything fun for kids and bringing families together is a great thing. It’s even better that no one has to cook a meal to celebrate….it’s as easy as pouring a cocktail, eating some chocolate, appreciating parents and kids creativity and then making fun of those dreadful, gone wrong, homemade costumes the kids got stuck with cause all the good costumes were gone by the time their lazy mom got to try out her new hot glue gun only to find out she has zero costume making skills.

YAY to Halloween!

Brooke (60-Something Baby Boomer)

Halloween – YAY! I host two big parties every year: St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween. I love both and weeks of planning and preparation go into these events. Halloween is particularly fun in my world. My neighborhood is a mecca for Trick or Treaters. We don’t have a lot of kids where I live but they come in from neighboring towns and a steady stream of young families fill our streets every 31 st of October.

My party starts on my driveway where us oldies commence cocktailing and watch the parade of pint-sized dinosaurs, princesses and super heroes. I’ve found that the thrill of dressing up for Halloween fades from adolescence through middle age but returns with a white-hot fervor among the Medicare set. Everyone costumes up for my party and, after a drink or two we head inside where the Halloween hijinks continue.

And then came 2020 and, sadly, no invitations were sent. I seriously considered moving ahead, but over time realized I wouldn’t draw the numbers and I ultimately decided it would end up a paltry imitation of Halloweens past. So, while I anticipate the usual barrage of costumed kiddies, my house will be a “no treat zone” until 2021 when I promise my costume will be EPIC.

Amanda (30-Something Millennial)

Halloween – NAY.

I’m not against the holiday per se, but not a fan of putting together a costume for myself. Costumes are work and I just appreciate a holiday that’s more about the eating – like Thanksgiving. But I also believe that Halloween is an important part of growing up. You haven’t lived until your Mom is making last minute adjustments to your Statue of Liberty costume at the school’s Halloween parade because it snowed and you had to fit a snowsuit under your toga. (True story!) OR until you’ve woken up still wearing your Britney Spears costume. (True story – from the college years!)

I haven’t totally given up on dressing up for the day, just last year I was one of three blind mice. Except our third mouse got stuck on a business trip in Minnesota sooooo there we were, just two vision impaired mice at a party.

One thing I do love about the holiday is handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. I appreciate any excuse to buy candy and I like to gawk at others creativity while pairing my Snickers bars with a Pinot Noir. And yes, I’ll even give the teenagers without a costume candy, because this world needs all the sweetening up it can get these days…

Are you participating in Halloween festivities this year?

Do you have a favorite costume or candy (or both)?

Let us know!

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13 thoughts on “Halloween: YAY or NAY?

  1. Well it’s November 1st and Halloween came and went. Seems like most neighbors set out a card table with piles of goodies set up for goblins to come and grab. I did not miss the doorbell ringing and my two dogs going out of their minds with barking every 2 minutes. Luckily in Illinois, we had a nice evening with a full moon (a Blue Moon!- do you know what that is? Something new I learned in my 60th decade on this earth!). So, Halloween was great…now for the dreadful week to come! (Please be sure I get your blog…I had to do some hunting to get this one!)

    1. Dogs and doorbells are never a good combination! Why do TV Commercials continue to use them? Speaking of TV, my only previous knowledge of a blue moon was from The Sopranos theme song, I wasn’t quite sure what it meant, but I knew it probably wasn’t good. I did my best to FUHGEDDABOUDIT!

  2. Your Halloween post made me laugh so much.
    The kids that got stuck with the homemade costume because the mom wanted to try the new hot glue gun out only to figure out they have no costume making skills!!! LMFAO!! Are you spying on me!!! How did you know? It wasn’t because I was lazy though, I’m cheap!!! Walmart ran out!

    I posted about it, I included pictures! Someone from your page liked it!! So thank you for that!

    Good thing my child is only 2 and as long as it has glitter and she feels pretty, she happy!

    1. LOL, we’ve all been there. And, truth being told, a little glitter makes everything better no matter how old you are!

      1. Oh Sh*t, I need to stop blogging in the nude at night then. LOL!!!

  3. I am going to uphold my annual holiday tradition: Dress like The Invisible Man and ghost everyone!

    1. In the words of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore: “Ditto”

      1. I see what you did there, well played! 👻

  4. I love Halloween. Halloween is the only holiday that I decorate for! I can do without going to a haunted house though. The last Halloween party my husband and I went to, we dressed as Almond Joy and Mounds (home made costumes). So much fun. I will miss that this year. So instead, I will eat all my candy and wear my witches hat inside!

    1. Sounds like a great idea and there is no reason why we still can’t decorate. The one thing that 2020 has taught us all is that sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t! Happy Halloween 🎃

  5. Thank you for this, good to see the positivity, even in the Nay. Cheers, ladies. 🍷

    1. Thank you, Happy Halloween Eve (not going to call it “Devil’s Night” this year)!

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