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-Do you find yourself blurting out Barbara Walters’ iconic “This is Twen-ty Twen-ty” catchphrase randomly throughout the day?

 -Are you currently trying to figure out how to work your “formerly saved for Roaring Twenties costume parties” Gangster Suit or Flapper Dress into your regular wardrobe rotation?

 -Are you silently struggling with the realization that the man bun was so last decade?


A new decade is a great time for reflection and we’ve been doing just that.  We’ve narrowed down our Top 10 (five favorite and five least favorite) highlights from the past Decade:

Karen (F’ing Fifties)

Five Favorites:

Going Viral – who knew that a twenty-second video clip could completely change somebody’s life for the better or bring attention (and raise millions of dollars) for a cause à la The Ice Bucket Challenge?  I love a viral video as well as a good a viral question.  Millions of people around the globe voted on that infamous dress.  Was it black and blue or gold and yellow?  Others weighed in to tell us if a voice said “Yanni” or “Laurel.”  I can’t wait to see what Jetson-like options we will be debating over in this new decade.  And, for the record, I saw black and blue and heard “Laurel” then “Yanni” then “Laurel again.

The Solar Eclipse:  August 2017 offered most of us the first time in our lives where the solar eclipse was visible across the entire United States.  I admit, I got all caught up in the pomp and circumstance.  I happily purchased a pair of specialty eclipse glasses, planned where I would be and pinned all sorts of “eclipse” themed appetizers to bring to a party for the big event (I settled on Moon Pies and Martinis).  I loved all of the excitement leading up to the eclipse and, although slightly disappointed, I fondly remember a yard full of people collapsing in a fit of laughter as the clouds rolled thru and then frantically running for cover to escape the downpour that drenched us right at the “magic viewing time.”  We never did get to see the eclipse, but, according to the experts (aka Al Gore), we will have another opportunity to see this in 2024.  Hmmmm, I wonder where I put my special glasses . . .

Cauliflower Rice:   Who knew that cauliflower would become the superhero of vegetables?  The Transformers of the 2010s.  Trying to cut carbs?  Just replace everything you’ve ever loved with cauliflower.  It’s not like eating regular pizza crust or mashed potatoes, but it certainly is helping me stick to my new year (or should I say new decade) diet resolution.  Of course, it has only been three weeks, perhaps you’ll want to check back with me on this one.

Gen Z:  The next generation started to graduate college and/or infiltrate the workplace at the end of the last decade and the Millennials are starting to begin to feel as old as the rest of us.  Come, kids, finish downloading your “TikTok for Dummies” cheat sheet and join the rest of us for the early bird special, you’re gonna love it!

Memes:  The word “meme” was added to the dictionary in 2015 as a type of mainstream communication (seems like it should have been much earlier than that, doesn’t it)?  What would we do without memes?  Exhibit A:  This blog . . . . case closed!


Five Not-So-Favorite Things of the Past Decade:

Iconic Losses:  My parent’s generation can remember exactly where they were when they first learned of the deaths of JFK, Elvis and John Lennon.  I had my moments during this past decade:  Prince, Tom Petty & Luke Perry are my versions.   R.I.P. my teenage heros.

Gender Reveal Stunts:  Yes, we’re all happy that you are having a baby but, NO, I’m not on the edge of my seat waiting to see what color the water is when they flush the toilet on the space shuttle.  What’s next?  Viral circumcision videos?

Lip Injections:  I still don’t understand why everybody paid to have their lips to look like they were stung by a swarm of bees.  Is bigger necessarily better?  I hear “lip lifts” are the new lip fillers for 2020.  I must admit, I am curious to see what the new version of the duck lip selfie will look like.

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress:  Do I really need to elaborate?  Lets just say that I prefer my wardrobe to be a little more, shall I say, well done.

Internet trolls – Why do these losers feel the need to say the most horrific things to total strangers?  They sure are tough hiding behind their keyboards.  If you don’t like what you see, keep on scrolling, unless, of course, you are trolling a troll, then carry on!


Brooke (60-Something Baby Boomer)

It’s been an eventful decade including some major life changes. As always, it’s two steps forward, one step back. You’ve got to take the good with the bad. Progress, on any front, will include some negatives so here are the Hits and Misses that impacted my life in ways big and small in the 2010’s.

YAY: Will & Kate’s 2011 wedding – I’ve gone on record in a previous posting that I’m firmly in the Team Kate camp. Their royal wedding captivated and made this cynical old bird smile. I think it might be looked back on as the last gasp of the Royal family’s glamorous, romantic mystique.

NAY: Harry & Meghan’s 2018 wedding – I had a completely different reaction to the nuptials of these two. I don’t actually dislike Harry. Since birth, he’s been relegated to the sidecar and will never drive the Batmobile so I think he’s shooting for some kind of relevancy. Meghan, though? Can’t help it – I think she’s as phony as a $3 Euro bill.  Prediction: when we are reviewing the 2020’s, H&M will be a thing of the past.

YAY:  I finally subscribed to Netflix in the last decade and it’s changed my relationship with television. When you grew up in an era with 4 channels and #1 shows like Dukes of Hazzard and The Flying Nun, I never dreamed I’d inhabit a universe with TOO much good TV.

NAY: My TV watching habits are not all high-minded. Not at all. I abashedly admit to watching way too much trash: BRAVO reality shows have become a staple. I will say in my defense, though – I have never watched even one episode of the Kardashians. I know, pretty low bar of respectability.


YAY: In the last 10 years, we have witnessed some remarkable achievements for women in America. Notably, in 2018, voters sent a staggering 117 women legislators to Washington. This unprecedented glass ceiling demolition is an inspiration to young girls countrywide.


YAY: Shopping with Amazon Prime has been a godsend and has fueled my imagination in party planning, gift giving and various nest-feathering pursuits all critical to the retirement lifestyle. There is NOTHING you can’t find on Amazon.

NAY: Technology has made life so easy that I sometimes worry about becoming a smartphone wielding recluse. Picture a door opening just a crack. A bony hand reaches out to grab a package and just as quickly retreats.  Before long, the film crew from A&E shows up and I find myself starring in Hoarders.

YAY: As a passionate logophile, I’m always excited to see the language expanding, often in innovative and descriptive ways, reflective of a changing culture: snowflake, catfish, clickbait and clapback all come to mind.

NAY: Of course, into every dictionary, some rain must fall. Not all of the new words of the 2010’s are worthy of praise.  Inspo, vom, ship, fam, guac and deets aren’t new or even clever; just lazy. Alternately, mansplaining, on fleek and woke among others, cause me near calorie-burning eye rolls.

Whatever the next decade brings, I plan to embrace it, enjoy it and learn from it. Hope you do the same. Cheers!


Lindsay (Fabulous Forties)

5 Faves

  1. USA Women’s World Cup Champions – Not only did the woman win the World Cup, they came together to fight for equal pay for women!  They play just as hard and the only difference between them on the field and the men? The women actually WIN!
  2. The invention of the iPad.  Online shopping and game playing has never been so easy!  And on a screen bigger than my tiny phone.   You youngsters will understand one day.
  3. Started a travel tradition with some of my closest friends!!!
  4. Bought a new house
  5. Bad reality TV grew exponentially and took on greater levels of ridiculousness


5 Least Faves

  1. Kneeling during the National Anthem.   I believe in freedom of speech and expression, but did half of the people kneeling know WHY they were kneeling?
  2. College Administration Scandal.  Could we show more examples to our youth about how money can buy anything?  Be stupid, mommy & daddy make enough money to support you forever…and you’ll have this pretty college diploma to hang on your wall.
  3. Male Capris – dudes….shorts or pants.  They are your only options!  You will look back at your pictures one day and regret wearing the man capri.
  4. Planking = stupid.  Enough said.
  5. More social media options used to share fake lives and bully others


Amanda (30-Something Millennial)

Since our Millennial is out doing Millennial things (i.e. changing the world) we decided to include what we thought she might have liked and or disliked over the past 10 years:


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