A Whole Lotto Luck


-Do you dream of the day you can ditch it all and go on an extended cruise around the world?

 -Is your Pinterest board filled with floor plans, fabric swatches and sketches of double-decker closets just waiting for the moment you can start construction on your Amalfi Coast Dream Home?

 -Do you fantasize what it would be like to watch the World Series or the Super Bowl from your private Owner’s box?


Haven’t we all thought about what we would do if money were no object?  Do our priorities change based on our age?  We couldn’t help but wonder what we would do if we hit the jackpot.


Amanda (30-Something Millennial)

  1. I wouldn’t tell anyone right away. I’ll need to conduct undercover tests of friendship.
  1. I’d hire a Glam Squad, because when I did tell everyone I was rich, I’d want to look my best. And I’d probably splurge on the overly expensive Dyson hair dryer so on the rare occasion I did have to do my own hair, it’d still be fabulous as I walked off my private jet to my new Tesla. WITH A DRIVER! Only peasants drive themselves around.
  1. I’d immediately apply to be on My Lottery Dream home on HGTV because I wouldn’t want to miss out on some sort of reality TV opportunity. This is when I’ll tell the world “I WON!”
  1. INVEST! I may be rich, but I’m not dumb.
  1. Quit my job. I’d enjoy being a lady of leisure and a stay-at-home dog Mom for a bit. Preferably on an island where it’s always sunny and all the drinks are served with tiny umbrellas in them.
  1. Spoil my nearest and dearest. Example: I’d buy my Mom a “Granny Pod” so she could live on her own in my spacious backyard. My dog would live like a KING (not that he doesn’t already!) and he’d probably get a lot of puppy brothers and sisters, too.


Karen (F’ing Fifties)

First, I would do all of the things, i.e. make sure my family and friends are allowed to live comfortably then call my new BFF, David Bromstad from HGTV’s Lottery Dream Home, and search for a beautiful Beachfront Bargain Hunt.  Just because I’m now a gazillionaire doesn’t mean I don’t love a good bargain.

Next up, have Bravo TV’s beloved Captain Lee and Chief Stew Kate Chastain from Below Deck round up their crew and stock The Valor for my luxury yacht charter cruise to Thailand. Do I need to put anything other than wine & sunshine on my preference sheet?

And, finally, partner with The Dog Whisperer to help turn my 10 Acre bargain beach property into a luxury pet sanctuary.

So, basically, I would turn my life into one of my all-time guilty pleasures, a Reality TV Show.  Except without the cameras.   Or the drama.  Care to join me?


Brooke (60-Something Baby Boomer)

 If you know me, you know I’m a nester, not a traveler. I already live in a vacay paradise, so why leave? Except for the friends and family I love, it’s too peopley out there.

Home is everything to me and, while I love my home – c’mon! I just won the Lottery! So, I’d swap out my place for an oceanfront compound; a main house and 2 or 3 sweet guest cottages. A house that would tick every conceivable box on my wish list, the construction, furnishing and decoration of which would fulfill my fantasies. Once complete, all my peeps would know that whenever the mood strikes or the snow falls, I will fly them down for a visit. I’m buying my friendships, you say? Yep. Absolutely. Not above that.


Lindsay (Fabulous Forties)

Richer than Rich Lindsay would:

Take care of everyone I love the most.  Guess you will know how much I REALLY love you shortly after I win.

Buy a private jet, because I am insanely rich…not insane.  I am never waiting in an airport EVER again

Have multiple enormous vacation homes.  I may want a beach view, maybe a lake view or maybe a mountain view, so I will have them all. Family & friends can now vaca for free whenever they like.

Hire a staff of many in every location. I want to fly in and have my staff stocking the liquor cabinet and fridge, preparing my snack, fluffing my pillows, and ready to massage my feet when I arrive.

Take amazing vacations. I see myself yachting, exploring and just relaxing all over the world.

I will smile every day, because I never have to “work” another day of my life.


What would you do if you won the lottery?

Would you change your lifestyle completely or would it be business as usual (but with a little cushion)?

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17 thoughts on “A Whole Lotto Luck

  1. Thank you for sharing these fascinating insights into what people would do if they won the jackpot. It’s intriguing to see how priorities and dreams differ based on age and personal preferences. From undercover friendship tests to luxury travels and dream homes, everyone has their unique plans for a life of abundance. It’s heartwarming to see the emphasis on taking care of loved ones and spreading joy. Winning the lottery can indeed open up a world of possibilities and enable a life free from financial constraints. Thank you for the entertaining read! https://playandearn.ph/

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  5. I appreciate it, and I wish you well with the new articles.

  6. I value the details you provided. Keep sharing!

  7. If I won enough, First I would take care of family and some friends. Then I would do the dream home on HGTV and the world cruise. Good luck to all.

    1. We’ll save you a seat on the Lido Deck!

  8. Thanks, ladies, your suggestions have saved me a lot of pondering on what to do when I win! And I’ll call dibs on Captain Lee and the Valor. But no televising please—that’s so tacky when one is wealthy…..

    1. Agreed! And, without the pesky camera crew, there should be plenty of room for all of us on the Valor!

  9. I love all of your comments, ladies. Since I am older than all of you combined (well, not really, though I do feel that way some days), my first thought was why would I need a new house. Upon reflection, I would do as Karen and Amanda mentioned. I would call David Bromstad to find me a beautiful beach house right on the beach (again..age…don’t want to have to walk too far to the beach) with rooms for the help. Yes, if I had money, I would have help. Why would I want to cook, clean, etc. if I can have someone do it for me?
    Of course, I would also help my children, grandchildren and siblings be a little more financially stable.
    And lastly, I would invest in a winery, because why not? Who wouldn’t want to have a steady supply of wine to drink while you sit on the lanai and watch the sunset over the water.

    1. Well, it must be all those grapes that keep you so young! Will you be offering private tastings at your Oceanside Winery?  If so, please save us a seat, we’d love to join you.  Will there be a spot for us to park our yacht?

      1. Always welcome to join me. Plenty of room for the yacht.

  10. Love reading this blog! You ladies are quite creative.

    1. Thank you, we love writing it and are thrilled that you enjoy reading it!

  11. I see a common theme here ladies, looks like there is no generation gap when it comes to the luck of the draw.
    Since I follow your blog, I am assuming that I am already on the coveted “friends” list and have already started packing!

    1. The hardest choice is where to start, but, since you’re the first to comment, you get first dibs. . . see you in paradise!

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