Quarantine Bucket (or F**k It) List

pic-Bucket or F_It_X

  • Are you taking advantage of the “Shelter In Place” order to learn a new language, organize your sock drawer or brush up on your culinary skills?
  • Do you prefer to utilize this time to create your next masterpiece or publish your first novel?
  • Or, are you fully committed to perfecting your lounging technique like it’s an Olympic Sport?




  • Facebook has been very enlightening in these uncertain times. Found out what Disney princess I am (Jasmine), what hair color best suits my personality (ultra violet) and which famous woman I share a personality with (Paris Hilton, of course).
  • I’m thinking of making face masks out of baby swiss slices and strawberry laces in case I get hungry.
  • Also thinking of incorporating vials of wine into the masks – hands free! This could totally go viral. What if my virus vial goes viral!!
  • I’ve been recreating famous movie scenes at home to pass the time. Today, I left myself a trail of Reese’s Pieces throughout the house to consume, ET-style. Tomorrow, the bathtub scene from Pretty Woman, except with wine.
  • I’m working on creating a virus-impermeable plastic transport vehicle out of discarded Black Box wine bags.
  • Narrowing down my must-have Amazon shopping list:
    • Inflatable sloth pool float – since this is now my spirit animal, it seems right.
    • Cheetos finger covers – utilitarian and dishwasher safe!
    • Bacon Strip Band Aids – fashion forward and – bacon.
    • Personalized Cardboard Cutouts – hey, it gets lonely on lockdown! Using my
    • Fantasy Dinner Party list from a previous blog, I can host dinner for 8 for a mere $629.65
    • Chicken Harness and Leash – as I said, it gets lonely. Maybe I need a pet.
    • Sit N Sip Refillable Wine Bag Chair – a bargain at $299, dontcha think

pic-Winebag Chair


When I first received the official “Shelter at Home” order, I chose to be super optimistic, to see the glass as half-full (or is it actually more optimistic to view it as “half-empty”)? Technically, if it is half empty, I can utilize all this extra free time to fill it up with more good stuff, right?   Well, after filling it up with a nice, full-bodied Cabernet, I wasted a good 37 minutes going down a “half-full vs. half-empty glass” analogy rabbit hole.  I am no more the wiser, maybe a little more buzzed and, more importantly, now wanting to do a deep dive on why it is called a “rabbit hole,” but I digress.

pic-Half Empty-Full

The next thing I did with my newfound optimism, was make a list of all the things that I wanted to accomplish during the upcoming free time that was heading my way.  So, where do I even start?   I went back to look thru all of the articles and videos and links I had previously saved on Facebook and LinkedIn and Pinterest and began to organize them by category.  I felt so alive and energetic and pumped up for all the new things I was going to learn and the books I was going to read, the online classes I was going to take and the recipes I was going to make.  I was especially re-intrigued (is that a word?) with all of the side hustles I could start, so where do I begin??

Fast forward three weeks (or is it five, who’s counting?) and here is what I’ve accomplished so far:

  • Binge watched Tiger King
  • Binge watched Love Is Blind
  • Binge watched 90 Day Fiancé
  • Started binge watching Billions (twice)
  • Watched John Legend, Chris Martin, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, The Rolling Stones and many others conduct live concerts from their living rooms
  • Watched Elton John perform in his back yard (anybody else curious as to why his piano is just randomly sitting out in the grass)?  I would love to read his neighbors’ complaints on Nextdoor.com
  • Watched Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Andy Cohen, Kelly Ripa, Stephen Colbert and a host of others in the entertainment industry determine that “the show must go on” even if they have to *GASP* do their own hair and makeup!


Did I ever get around to any of the items on my list? Did I get the opportunity to learn something new?  I did.  Watching all of those celebrities broadcast from their homes, in front of their perfectly staged bookcases, taught me something really important.  I need a bookcase.  I learned that I need a bookcase with color coordinated books and strategically placed artifacts.  An Emmy or Grammy effortlessly tossed in wouldn’t hurt either.

Am I the only one that didn’t get the memo? I want to appear more smarter, too.  Here I thought I was being productive and staying “socially engaged” all the while I was just carelessly “Zooming” away with no regard to the kitchen counter or empty dog bed lurking in the background.  The Horror!  Guess I better add “Bookcase Decor” to my Quarantine “To-Do” list.

And, now that it appears that I have a few more weeks to tackle my ever-expanding list, I have to go back to my original question, where do I begin?  In other words, what should I watch next? I’m open to suggestions.



I would love to tell you when “stay at home” orders were delivered that I began writing a “to do” list that would make Martha Stewart (in and out of her jail cell) and Nate Berkus proud, but I would be lying to you.  I immediately knew that, although I would not be traveling for business and would be home every evening, my work life would not deplete one iota.  So being a realist, who also loves to be home and relax, I chose to not pretend I wanted to be an over-achiever in life during this Spring Hibernation.  With little expectations placed on myself, failure would be impossible, and I managed to accomplish so much.

  • I have binged a lot of TV, discovered Billions and could not get enough, and I am excited to see what else I can get sucked into.
  • Started exercising regularly again.  Are you proud because you think I’m making health a priority?  Well that’s not it…….my ability to justify that during a national crisis Doritos, peanut butter M&Ms, carbs, and Sour Patch Kids are harmless to a waist line and more Quarantini consumption is necessary to support the silly play on words, have made regular exercise a must AND while I am on the treadmill I read.  Look at me getting healthy and feeding the brain all so I don’t have to expend more energy trying to find my will power.  Never can seem to remember where I put it.pic-PlanVsReality
  • I have not worn pants with a waist. Glorious!
  • I cleaned out half of a closet and have zero intention to make it to the second half.  See the 2nd half are the dreaded pants….NO! Trying them on and then hating myself is not useful during Quarantinepalooza.
  • We have a Friday night virtual happy hour now.  Odd….I have many people who I do not see for months at a time, but now that the world says we cannot see each other, it is now critical to be seen “on the regular.”
  • Discovered Tik Tok!  The first few weeks I was very much enjoying my time with Tik Tok.  Lots of dancing, funny jokes, some household tips and then it became a few sad break up stories, easy and icky recipes (great cookbook title), pimple popping (I’ll watch the actual show with professionals thank you) and all of these videos of people surprising their sig others by walking into a room naked.  Huh?  Don’t you do that on the regular if you live together just by a function of real life and needing to shower or change clothes?   Ladies does your man only see you do the bra removal, under your shirt, trick? Am I really expected to believe it led to a night of intimacy with fireworks and he made all of your bedroom dreams come true?  Let’s call it what it is…sad you have to try so hard.
  • I am being economically responsible as I continue to fuel the economy with my on-line purchases which has not really changed at all for me because it was always “too much”.

It is hard to be antsy when being so productive.  So tell me readers…….are you proud of your accomplishments?  Are you embracing the true Quarantine you?



At first staying home sounded like a dream. I wouldn’t have to travel for work and the nights and weekends would be free from any obligation. Seemed like the “staycation” we all longed for and no one would judge us.

Well first I had to go to the store to get snacks. Nothing like fighting my fellow Americans for toilet paper, bleach, pasta and frozen pizzas. And yes, I bought bananas to be healthy. They went bad. So, I’m one of “those” people that made banana bread and posted it to my Insta-story. Second, I’d ditch my bra and all pants with a waistband. Nothing restrictive is allowed in quarantine. No make-up either. Curling iron? Get outta here!  Then I had to decide what to binge on Netflix. First, Tiger King. Then Too Hot to Handle. All while keeping up with my typical rotation of 90 Day Fiancé and other Bravo reality shows. Next I’d scrub my apartment top to bottom. Re-Marie Kondo my drawers. Lastly I’d keep up on my social life. Zoom workouts! Zoom happy hour! All I wanna do is zoom, zoom, zoom!


Fast forward to 5 weeks later: I’m still living in my “pandemic pants” and haven’t worn a bra other than a sports bra. I’ve hung two pictures. Bleach is my friend. I still don’t like to cook. Once the world reopens a bit I’m going out to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and then posting up at a bar until last call. Zoom is cool and all but too many web meetings at work make me not want to use it at night with my friends. Thank goodness for Netflix. And cable. Every night I scroll to the end of Instagram and have added Tik Tok to my social media rotation. I’ve only read one book, but I just started another so ya know, I’m building a few brain cells. As face masks become fashion’s newest must-have I wonder if I need multiple ones to coordinate with my outfits. I’ve become more of a news junkie and might be a Cuomo-sexual.

I’m ready for re-entry soon. Even if we’ve got to adjust to a new normal, I can’t wait to hear what everyone else did during this time. And don’t worry, I won’t judge if you tell me nothing. 😉

pic-Results are In

Have you conquered your Quarantine To-Do List?

Have you taken a new course?  Learned a new language?

Or have you been maintaining your professional couch potato status?

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6 thoughts on “Quarantine Bucket (or F**k It) List

  1. Thanks for terrific ideas on how best to waste, I mean utilize, my time! I just watched an episode of “Below Deck Yachting” in my pajamas, into which I changed immediately after dinner… I’m now hooked on slothful habits. But this baby boomer has learned to do Zoom meetings, FaceTime cocktail hours and I watched (for about 5 minutes) that horrible Dr. Pimple Popper show which my husband loves. And Brooke, we want in on the ground floor as investors in your new products—-we’ll all be rich!!

    1. If this Quaranine has taught us anything, it’s that we will never run out of ways to waste our time. The fact that we can inspire you to do the same makes us so proud. Thank you!

  2. rehobothquilter April 27, 2020 — 1:48 pm

    I identify with the title of this blog. Since I’ve been quarantined the F-word seems to have become a staple of my everyday language. I have been quilting and I have had to rip out so many f*&%ing stitches (see what I mean) and re-sew them. The good (?) thing is I am starting to run out of fabric, so I won’t be sewing as much. I told a friend the other day I might have to start f*&%ing (oops) spring cleaning, and she informed me that no one does that anymore, only people of our generation still does that. Anyone who knows me knows that I am technologically challenged, so I have to call my daughter to help with computer, IPad and Netflix problems. She works from home and I am sure she welcomes these interruptions for these chats with her favorite mother.

    I also identify with each of you in different ways:
    Brooke, I also want to have a Sit & Sip Winebag chair. The best invention EVER! What could be better than not having to get up to get a new bottle of wine. Except there goes your walking exercise for the day.
    Karen, I, too, binge watched The Tiger King. It was so gross but you had to keep watching. Characters with stringy hair, tattoos, missing teeth and multiple, multiple piercings. Ewwwww!! And Carole, who supposedly fed her first husband to the tigers? What’s not to like.
    Lindsay, No waist pants. Sweatpants are the best! I do change into jeans when I go to the grocery store with my mask and gloves, but can’t wait to get home and change back into my comfy sweats. But I am starting to panic now, because summer is not that far away and I have to check my summer clothes to see if I have any no waist pants.
    Amanda, No waist pants but also no bra. Hey, girl, I think you have hit on a winning combination. I have never been so comfortable.

    Stay Safe and Stay Well. And remember, don’t drink the Clorox!!

    1. F-Bombs and Tigers, No Waistbands, oh my! Sounds like you are making the most of sheltering in place. As for your daughter/tech support, I’m sure you are considered part of the Quaranteam!

  3. No waistband (or no pants at all), along with delusions of grandeur, seem to be commonplace during this time. We all appear to be binging and most of us are trying to zoom or participate via similar platforms and this pandemic may be one of the only things to bridge our generation gap that I have seen in my lifetime. That being said, we need your Millennial to teach your Baby Boomer how to use Tik Tok, her movie scene recreations are the content we all need to see!

    1. Baby Boomer Tik Tok? We may have better luck starting with Tic Tac Toe!

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